January 30, 2018

Studio Sub-lets Available at NAS, Dublin

NAS studios have two studios available for sublet. One is quite a large space (20ft x 13ft), private (floor to ceiling walls and own door). Natural light with one large skylight and also full spectrum fluorescent tubes (daylight). This studio is to the back of the building close to our photographic studio and woodwork space. (€250 per month) Available from February to end of August.

The 2nd studio, also a private room with own door, also has natural light through a row of small windows and full spectrum fluorescent tubes. This room is 12 ft x 12 ft in size and is €220 per month and will be available for 6-7 months also (from February to end of August). This studio is also on the first floor of our building. NAS is very central, just off Capel street and is a complex providing 13 individual studios for visual artists in Dublin.

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Studio Sub-lets Available at NAS, Dublin