August 31, 2017

Roaming Around the City | Bilu Blich at Platform Arts, Belfast

7 to 23 September

The installation that is being built from Platform Arts Belfast begins, in the first stage, from remote impressions of the city; with documents and photographs that can be collected on the Internet. I experience, months before the departure, an attempt to observe and investigate the structure of the city and expose events from history; this is a city that is completely unknown to me- the contents come from wondering around the net without any order or planning. The impression contains, associations, fantasies, deja vu, and a narrative. Ariel photographs and maps are the main documents I use and there I find shapes, buildings, neighbourhoods, and names of streets.

The installation in the gallery space will contain, on the walls, the collages that have crystallised in a studio in Tel Aviv. In addition, as part of the installation, there will be structures made of local materials and objects created as a result of a few days roaming around Belfast.

In both cases- the impressions of the city from a distance, and later physical wandering in Belfast without mediation, will examine the question-how and in what way a stranger is impressed by an existing city? Is the experience that is awakened personal? Is it universal? Does it depend on the physical presence in the city?

Gallery 2
Platform Arts, 1 Queen Street, Belfast, BT1 6EA
T: 028 9031 1301

Roaming Around the City | Bilu Blich at Platform Arts, Belfast