November 13, 2018

RHA School Courses Term 2, Jan โ€“ April 2019

The aim of the programme is to offer tuition and mentoring to professional artists and third level students who wish to develop or build a skill base through observational practice. This allows students to move from assigned learning to self-directed practice. Students who would benefit from these courses are artists who wish to upskill or build on existing knowledge in drawing and painting.

Term 2 in Foundation Drawing builds upon basic principles in drawing and introduces specialised drawing methods dealing with the figure in space, accuracy through use of gridding and plumlines and advanced anatomy. There is an emphasis on proportions, foreshortening and modelling form. Term 2 will run for 15 weeks, beginning on 9 January 2018.

This course takes place on Wednesdays, 3 hour duration. Applicants do not have to have completed Term 1 to apply for this course.

This is a 15-week course that aims to build on and advance learning outcomes from Term 1 Foundation Painting Module. This is open to students who have completed the initial painting module or artists who wish to build on an existing skill base and extend their knowledge. The first part of the course will cover spatial organisation, drawing for painting, Impasto and brushwork, colour relationships, blocking out and colour modulation. The latter six weeks of the course will be an extended block working from the model with tutor Una Sealy. Written feedback will be provided on course completion. This course takes place on Wednesdays, 3-hour duration. Applicants do not have to have completed Term 1 to apply.

This will be a 15-week term organised around three five-week blocks. The first block will concentrate on the medium of watercolour led by Seรกn Molloy, Molloy will cover techniques employed in master painting from the 19th Century to the present and will directly from observation to create preparatory works or finished studies. Conor Walton will work on a five-week block of painting from the model as directly as possible, without underpainting or preliminary drawing, starting with a limited harmonic palette, drawing in colour, working from the general to the particular and aiming from the beginning for the final result. The final five-week block is led by RHA Vice-Principal Blaise Smith and concentrates on a continuous block working with live observational painting.

This Friday Self-Directed Life Drawing Course offers an opportunity for professional artists and students to practice working directly from the live model in order to maintain a high skill-level and practice drawing. These are self-directed sessions and there is an opportunity to work for extended day long poses and shorter gestural poses. Facilitator โ€“ Colin Martin RHA.

As part of the RHA School Access Programme, two free places on RHA School courses are offered โ€“ one to an artist currently enrolled at any of the third-level art colleges in Ireland and one to an artist of merit at any stage of their career. Artists and art students who wish to be considered for these places should include a cover letter with their online application providing a short statement indicating how they would benefit from attending the course.

Queries about any of the RHA School classes, workshops or masterclasses should be forwarded to

Application Deadline for all: 2 December 2018
Dates: 9 January โ€“ 26 April
Times: 10.00 โ€“ 5.00
Fee: โ‚ฌ450 each (Life drawing mornings or afternoon only โ‚ฌ225)
Location: Royal Hibernian Academy, 15 Ely Place, Dublin, Ireland

RHA School Courses Term 2, Jan โ€“ April 2019