November 8, 2017

RHA School Courses 2018, Dublin

Foundation Drawing Term 2:
This 15-week course builds upon basic principles in drawing and introduces specialised drawing methods dealing with the figure in space, accuracy through use of gridding, plumlines and advanced anatomy.
Wednesdays 14:00 to 17:00, 10 January to 2 May.

Foundation Painting Term 2:
15-week course that aims to build on and advance learning outcomes from Foundation in Painting, Term 1. This is open to students who have completed the initial painting module or artists who wish to build on an existing skill base and extend their knowledge. Covers spatial organisation, drawing for painting, Impasto and brushwork, colour relationships, blocking out and colour modulation.
Wednesdays 09:30 to 13:00, 10 January to 2 May.

Mentored Painting:
This will be a 15-week term organised around three blocks of five weeks. The first block will concentrate on the medium of watercolour led by Sean Molloy. Molloy will cover techniques employed in master painting from the 19th Century to the present and students will work directly from observation to create preparatory works or finished studies.
Thursdays 09.30 – 5.00, 11 January to 3 May.

Self-Directed Life Drawing:
The Friday Self-Directed Life Drawing Course offers an opportunity for professional artists and students to practice working directly from the live model in order to maintain a high skill-level and practice drawing.
Fridays 10.00 – 5.00, 12 January to 4 May.

Fee: €450 per course
To apply for any of these courses, please complete the relevant online application form:
Application deadlines: 17 November | 24 November 2017

RHA School Courses 2018, Dublin