June 5, 2019

Pseudo | Alma Haser at Atypical Gallery, Belfast

06/06/2019 – 19/06/2019 – All Day
Atypical Gallery, 109-113 Royal Avenue, Belfast
Opening: 6pm to 9pm, Thursday 6 June. Pseudo is a series that plays on what’s real and what’s not. In a world where we are constantly told about Fake News, not to believe the first thing you read or are told. And where social media and the internet toy with our beliefs and acceptances. Alma explores the idea of the fake and the real and the in-between with everyday plants. Here she uses techniques of paper-layering, cutting and manipulation by hand to create multiple images that confuse the eye by contorting reality, similar to a Chinese whisper effect, or the…
Pseudo | Alma Haser at Atypical Gallery, Belfast