March 20, 2018

Playing with Space Lunchtime Talks | OFFSITE Festival 2018, Dublin

A new series of 3 x Lunchtime Series of Talks โ€“ entitled โ€œPlaying with Spaceโ€ โ€“ to celebrate Dublin as part of the OFFSITE Festival 2018. Playing with Space is where design and play meet. How can we reimagine our cityโ€™s spaces to be inclusive, engaging, and playful?

Offset, Dublin City Council and A Playful City are teaming up to bring together unexpected and cross-cutting perspectives into a conversation about what makes a city play. To look at Dublin city as a creative, cultural, playful and living space as well as one engaged with evolving.

The interactive talks will be zeroing in on the laneways of Dublin, examining and exploring challenges and possibilities for designing these spaces as intergenerational, accessible, and playful.

Key actors and influencers from across sectors โ€“ from set designers to game designers to architects to event curators and more will come together to share their unique perspectives, while attendees will have the opportunity to contribute too.

Playing with Space will lead directly to tangible impact: the insights gathered during the series will feed into A Playful Cityโ€™s work with Sean Harrington Architects to transform a selection of laneways in Dublin 1 into playful spaces.

DAY ONE โ€“ Tuesday March 20th
Sean Harrington โ€“ Sean Harrington Architects; Althaea Federlein โ€“ Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Iconic Offices; Niamh Moore โ€“ UCD Geography; Peter Oโ€™Gara โ€“ me&him&you design
MC: Manchan Magan

DAY TWO โ€“ Wednesday March 21st
Sarah Bacon โ€“ Winner of Best Set Design at the Irish Times Theatre Awards; Yvonne Farrell, Grafton Architectsโ€™ Director | Curator of the Venice Biennalle 2018, Simona Castelli, Senior architect โ€“ Grafton Architects; Joe Coveney โ€“ Visual artist
MC: Una Mullally

DAY THREE โ€“ Thursday March 22nd
Ali Grehan โ€“ DCC City Architect; Kate Moylan, Production and Costume Designer; Esther Gerrard, Bloom Fringe Festival
MC: Manchan Magan

1pm-2pm, Wood Quay Amphitheatre. The talks are open to all โ€“ no need to book in, just pop along on the day.

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Playing with Space Lunchtime Talks | OFFSITE Festival 2018, Dublin