September 10, 2018

Personal Workspace Available at A4 Sounds, Dublin 1

A4 Sounds have one personal workspace available at their studios. Total cost of membership is €175 per month. Applications are open until Fri 21st Sept.

At this time they are seeking applications from fine artists only.

As a socially engaged organisation they have also have a keen interest in applications from artists working in the following disciplines: Social Practice, Social Justice, Social Intervention, Socially Engaged, Dialogical, Participatory, Critical Thinking & Research, Activist, Political, Relational, Community, Collaborative Art or New Genre Public Art.

The successful applicant will be chosen based on their portfolio and artist activities including participation in exhibitions and recent projects.

They also have a small number of regular studio memberships available from €75 per month. For more information about our studio, facilties and resources please read here…a4-sounds-artist-studios/

To apply please fill out our application form hereΒ

Personal Workspace Available at A4 Sounds, Dublin 1