November 13, 2017

Performance Workshop with James King at Pollen Gallery, Belfast

This workshop will incorporate ideas from Action Theater. The essence of Action Theater: (The Improvisation of Presence by Ruth Zaporah) is spontaneity in performance, drawing upon movement, voice and sound. The methodology is a guide for living as well as performance. In the training the individual potential is developed alongside ensemble and small group practice, is an underpinning aspect in this workshop.

This workshop will endeavour to discuss the potential relevance of Action Theater to ourselves and our artists’ practice, being conscious of the overlap between the two. Action Theater helps give direction and motivation to what might otherwise be rudderless unanchored improvisation. A major element in the development of confidence of performance and life is the attention given to the practice of the present, awareness and responsiveness. Working collaboratively with others one is never alone, exposed or at a loss for long. Moments of uncertainty are transformed and incorporated into performance.

Dates: Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th November
Times: Sat 10.00 to 20.00hrs, Sun 10.15hrs to 16.30hrs
Fee: Β£50
Location: Pollen Studio/Gallery, 37 Queen St, Belfast BT1 6EA
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Performance Workshop with James King at Pollen Gallery, Belfast