August 21, 2018

Paper Art and Hand Paper Making Workshops with Tunde Toth at Grennan Mill Craft School, Co. Kilkenny

20 October (Saturday) 10am – 5pm
Hand Paper Making and Silk Fibre Papermaking (Beginners)
Introduction to traditional and contemporary techniques of making beautiful handmade papers from pure plant fibres of cotton and mulberry bush and a range of recycled materials. Participants will learn about basic processes, pulp making, suitable materials and the use of plant fibre linters. Inclusions and decorative methods are also covered.

The afternoon programme covers processes of Silk Fibre Papermaking: a truly fascinating, contemporary technique for making `fabric-like`, light weight, colourful silk papers using a selection of raw silk fibres and fabric dyes. Easy to continue and set up at home, this process is ideal to create unique interior decorations and striking silk papers for artworks, embroidery, collages…etc.

21 October (Sunday) 10.30am – 5.30pm
Sculptural and Three Dimensional Hand Paper Making
FOLLOW-ON Course – Participants with previous experience
This course is suitable for those with experience and/or their own artistic practice in areas of hand paper making and fibre arts. The workshop focuses on silk fibre paper making processes, three dimensional forms, plant fibre papers and Batik/Wax/Dye techniques on Handmade Papers.

Included are three dimensional/sculptural processes using paper making methods and materials – with an experimental approach. Ideal for those who previously participated in any of the Paper Making Day workshops – this course takes basics techniques further and offers guidance and advice. Bring your own questions, previous works, ideas.

Fee: Full day workshop for beginners (20 Oct): € 80; Full day Follow-on Workshop (21 Oct):€ 90;
Location: Grennan Mill Craft School, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny
Booking: €30 booking deposit is required, contact for details: M: 087-2543362

Paper Art and Hand Paper Making Workshops with Tunde Toth at Grennan Mill Craft School, Co. Kilkenny