November 10, 2017

OUTBURST Queer Arts Festival 2017, Belfast

9 to 18 November

OUTBURST Queer Arts Festival is the annual celebration of queer art and performance in Belfast, Northern Ireland/ the North/ here.

OUTBURST showcases great local and international queer work and support the development of queer arts at home and internationally. They love work that is bold, challenging, accessible and brilliant, whether it’s grassroots events, professional touring productions or work commissioned specially for OUTBURST.

Amongst the highlights of a packed programme are Teatro La Plaza’s ‘Simon the Mole’, a show from Peru for children and adults that encourages understanding and acceptance of difference; the Arts Council’s 2016 Major Individual Artist award winner, Conor Mitchell, performs his acclaimed music-theatre piece, ‘Ten Plagues’; and the Golden Thread Gallery presents ‘Forms of Resistance’, a specially-commissioned exhibition of video art with an LGBTQI perspective from the VideoBrasil Historical Collection in Sao Paulo.

OUTBURST Queer Arts Festival 2017, Belfast