September 29, 2017

Open Call | Walkers Photographer-in-Residence, Dublin

Application deadline: 10 November

Business to Arts and financial services law firm, Walkers, have launched a new Photographer-in-Residence programme under the Docklands Arts Fund which will see a photographer work with children and Walkers staff to develop their creativity and photographic skills.

The Photographer-in-Residence role will include working with pupils at a local school, participating in photography workshops with young people. The residency supports Business to Arts’ wider programme of activity, which promotes the Arts collaboratively with businesses, artists, audiences and communities.

The Photographer Fee for this project is €6,000 (inclusive of all taxes/VAT or other income related taxes). In addition to the Fee, a budget of up to €2,000 will be available for workshop equipment, preparation and other materials or expenses incurred by the Photographer during the Residency. A budget to document the project through film or other means will be managed by Business to Arts.

The process of selecting a Photographer is twofold:

1. Open Call application through this online form

2. Interview with shortlisted Photographers, with interview panel comprising representatives of Walkers, Business to Arts, Dublin City Council and others as appropriate (December 2017).

Shortlisted Photographers will be contacted in late November, with a view to a shortlist interview at the beginning of December 2017.

The selected Photographer will be announced at the end of January 2018.

Full information on the application process can be found here: Briefing Document for Walkers Photographer-in-Residence here:

Open Call | Walkers Photographer-in-Residence, Dublin