November 26, 2018

Open Call | The Headford Lace Project, Co. Galway

Application deadline: 19 December, 5pm.

The Headford Lace Project is a community initiative, established in 2016, to research, revive and reimagine Headford’s lace-making heritage, which dates back to the mid 1700s. The project achieves its objectives through the delivery of skills workshops, arts collaborations and community engagement.

The Headford Lace Project will commission an artist/maker or group of artists/makers to create a public artwork for the Headford community and visitors to enjoy. The nature and siting of the artwork are to be determined collaboratively between the artist, the Headford Lace Project and the community of Headford.

The artist(s) will include a strong element of community engagement in the preparation stage and/or in the artwork itself. The nature of this collaboration will be determined by the artist’s own practice and vision, but it is important that the community focussed nature of the Headford Lace Project is central to the work.

The Headford Lace Project has been granted monies by Galway 2020 for the creation of the artwork and the project is seeking proposals that will include artist fees, materials and site works in the region of €8,500.

The artist(s) is required to submit proposal form and supporting material to Candidates who reach the shortlist will be notified in early January and they hope to begin work in spring 2019. It is expected the project will be completed by mid-June 2019.

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Open Call | The Headford Lace Project, Co. Galway