August 29, 2017

Open Call | ThalieLab Residency, Brussels (Submission Fee)

Application deadline: 10 October

From ecological transition to degrowth and the effective use of art. Based on an examination of artisanal practices and new forms of food production, the foundation invites visual artists, curators, designers and chefs to submit a project on the theme of deceleration in our overly consumerist world, that explores concepts for the collaborative economy (recycling, textiles, 3D creation, food…) and has a social impact.

The two laureates will receive a production grant up to 10,000 euros depending on the project, workspace and residential accommodation at ThalieLab in Brussels.

Depending on the nature of the project, the final product will be presented either in the foundation’s exhibition space and/or a public space.

The aim of the residency is to offer a different approach to contemporary art creation, by taking the following criteria into account:
β€’ Involving the community in the development of the artist’s project
β€’ The support of an institutional partner
β€’ Diversity in the type of end results generated (film, performance, visual or audio creation, publication, exhibition, workshop)

Thalie Art Foundation is a private foundation based in Brussels. Its mission is to support socially engaged contemporary art that addresses social issues by inviting artists to reflect, act, and intervene in both everyday life and the political sphere, exploring the ways that our society is changing in order to promote innovation and social impact.

Residency facilities
– Orientation to the city
– 3 studios (20-25 sq mt each), Internet, shared kitchen
– Accommodation (3 bedrooms) in the house of ThalieLab
– Support for production and technical assistance
– Studio visits and Professional networking with the Brussels art community

Please Note: in order to cover the processing of application forms, a participation fee of €12 must accompany the application.

For more information and to apply online:

Open Call | ThalieLab Residency, Brussels (Submission Fee)