January 31, 2019

Open Call | SMACH.2019 Dolomites Project, Italy

Application deadline: 17 March.

Cultural Association SMACH has opened its 4th international call for artists, for a project aimed at deepening peoples interest for art, as well as bringing awareness to the Dolomites region.

SMACH.2019 puts itโ€™s main focus to the the word โ€œHeimatโ€ โ€” not a simple word that proves untranslatable in many languages, English and Italian included. The aim of the project is to prepare works of contemporary art based on the word โ€œHeimatโ€.

The ten selected artworks and projects will receive a fee of 2,000 Euro each.

Heimat is indicative of a form of identity much stronger than a single word can transmit. It does not just refer to a place, but rather a set of shared and spontaneous values which have all to do with life from infancy and mention of which triggers a positive sensation in us when we think of our origins, think of our identity, or, on the contrary, the sense of solitude and impotency we feel when the loss of such tie is hinted at.

The artistic interventions will aim to grow peopleโ€™s interest for the art, not only as a form of autonomous language, but also as a promotion for the territory. The artists should create a deep understanding of the history, the tradition, the architecture, the nature of the proposed sites and reflect this in their works. SMACH prides itself in being one with โ€œart and natureโ€, where the latter acts as a place for artistic action, designed and conceived specifically for the various sites; despite the intertwining, integration of the work of art in nature, a contrast is always created between human intervention and the natural evolution implicit in the environment.

The places and sites where the selected artworks will be exhibited can be reached by walking along the paths. The areas are located between 1,100 and 2,300 meters above sea level.

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Open Call | SMACH.2019 Dolomites Project, Italy