September 12, 2018

Open Call | Research Residency at CAIRN, France

Application deadline: 15 September.

The CAIRN (Informal Art Centre for Nature Research) art centre residency aims to support the artistic research that will be conceived and developed following site-specific approach, connected to the Alpes de Haute Provence territory.

As a part of the Haute-Provence Geopark, the place is known for its significant geological sites, as well for its changing and rugged landscapes, resulting from the geological uprising of the Alps. These lands are sparsely populated and reveal marks of an agricultural and pastoral life, strongly vivid in the past. The region’s history has been influenced by the surrounding mountains and the geological heritage is one of the most notable in Europe.

The residency program is directed towards professional artists who wish develop their research in resonance with the multiple aspects of the context around Digne; its geological and natural heritage as well as its history and current situation. The residency program will be the time and place for an outdoor exploration but also to work starting from the art and science collection of the Gassendi Museum and the archive of the Alexandra David Neel’s house. There is no obligation of producing artworks but the artist is requested to present in public his/her research during or at the end of the residency (conference, performance, lecture) and a workshop with school or students from the Digne-les-Bains art academy.

The selected artist will receive a grant of 5000 euros including the fees, travel costs, per diem, and the cost of research. The apartment is available for free. The organisation of events, workshops and the communication charges will be assumed by the art centre.

Please include in your application the following elements (in English of French):

  • Curriculum and short biography
  • A presentation of your artistic approach/process (max 3000 signs)
  • A portfolio showing a selection of previous work (max 10 images, 3 texts, 3 sounds files lenght10 minutes maximum, 3 videos via we transfer)
  • A note explaining your intentions

For more information see:

Open Call | Research Residency at CAIRN, France