September 26, 2017

Open Call | Proposals for Group Exhibitions at Apexart, New York

Application deadline: 31 October

Anyone from anywhere is encouraged to enter and no prior curatorial experience is necessary. Curatorial teams are eligible and encouraged to submit. All participating organizers must be listed by name on the application. Proposals from collectives are welcome, but note that the “organized by” credit line will be either a list of the individuals’ names or the collective name, not both.

500-word proposals should describe a modest, focused, idea-driven, and original group exhibition.

Curators, artists, writers, and creative individuals, regardless of experience level, background, or location can apply.

apexart has a $10,000 budget for each exhibition and its related programming. Each organizer works within apexart’s budget to cover expenses including curator travel, art work shipping, artist and public program participant honorariums, equipment, and installation. After the exhibition closes and all expenses have been paid, the organizer receives a $2,000 honorarium for coordinating the project and writing the exhibition brochure essay.

No topics are off limits, no ideas are too controversial.

What distinguishes our program is our democratic and meritocratic selection process. For each open call, we assemble a panel of 200 volunteer jurors from our international audience to participate in a crowdsourced voting process. Projects are judged on the strength of the exhibition idea and the submitter’s ability to communicate it. By involving our audience in the decision-making process, we ensure that our exhibitions reflect their diversity and interests.

For more information and application details:

Open Call | Proposals for Group Exhibitions at Apexart, New York