January 30, 2019

Open Call | Ortega y Gasset Projects, Solo Exhibitions 2019, New York (Submission Fee)

Application deadline: Monday 11 February, midnight.

Ortega y Gasset Projects is pleased to announce an Open Call for two Solo Exhibitions to open in September of 2019: one in the main gallery space at OyG and one in The Skirt, OyGโ€™s dedicated space for site-specific installation.

Both opportunities will include an opening reception on Saturday, September 14, 2019, $350 honorarium for each artist/proposal, and one programmed event (an artist talk or a closing event), and will be promoted on OyG social media outlets. OyG Co-Directors will work with the artists and make studio visits leading up to the opening of the exhibitions, if possible. The artists are required to fully participate in the exhibitionsโ€™ installation and deinstallation.

Visual artists of all disciplines (and geographical locations) are encouraged to apply. The artists will be selected by the OyG Co-Directors based on the quality of their work and commitment to their practice. Artists are highly encouraged to specify which space theyโ€™d like to exhibit in, the main gallery space or The Skirt. The OyG Co-Directors will make the final decision.

An alternate list of candidates/runners-up will be posted on our website and considered for future programing at the gallery.

Please note: Application fee is $25

For more information see:

Open Call | Ortega y Gasset Projects, Solo Exhibitions 2019, New York (Submission Fee)