October 2, 2018

Open Call | NordArt 2019, Germany

Application deadline: 30 November.

Kunstwerk Carlshรผtte is calling for applications for the NordArt 2019 International Exhibition of Visual Arts, inviting artists from all around the world to submit their work.

As an internationally established forum for cultural education and exchange, the NordArt has dedicated itself to the task of enhancing mutual understanding through the language of art.

Each year one artist is awarded the NordArt-Prize โ€” worth 10,000 Euro โ€” with the aim to support the art and culture scene. A Public Choice Award is awarded as well, thanks to the votes the visitors of the NordArt cast to their favorite artist. The 2019 Exhibition is scheduled for 1 June โ€“ 6 October 2019.

The annual exhibition is preceded by the international NordArt Symposium. Approximately 10 artists are invited to attend the symposium and create large works (sculpture, installation, painting) for the current NordArt.

The NordArt annual art exhibition is taking place since 1999, with about 200 selected artists from all over the world. It ranks among the largest exhibitions of contemporary art in Europe. The vast halls of the historic iron foundry serve as its stage, with their 22,000 square meters of floor space and the adjacent 80,000 square meters large sculpture park. The art works, in interaction with the industrial architectureโ€™s impressive scenery, develop their own unique atmosphere, taking visitors on an incomparable world trip through art.

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Open Call | NordArt 2019, Germany