September 20, 2017

Open Call | Mountshannon Arts Festival 2018

Application deadline: 30 November

Mountshannon Arts Festival Committee are looking for submissions by artists for the next festival from 31st May – 10th June 2018 in Mountshannon, Co. Clare. The theme of the festival will be β€œBorders”.

There are categories for submissions:

1. Street art projects. Mountshannon Arts Festival are looking for at least one large project, but also welcome submissions for smaller projects.
Points to consider:

[i] Durability. Permanent artworks that enhance the village into the future, with little or no maintenance
[ii] Costs. Whilst we will be looking for works of high quality, the budget is small. The festival imagine costs of between €500 – €2000 but projects whose budget falls outside those parameters will also be considered.
[iii] Accessibility. Something that is usable (but safe), possibly for climbing on by children, interactive and experiential, such as a musical instrument, a water based feature, or something else that invites active participation.
[iv] A project that could involve others in the creative process, where the artist acts as a facilitator. This could link in with point β€˜2.’ below.
[v] All works need to be completed no later than 18th May 2018

2. Art in Schools, and/or care facilities (elderly, disabled), and/or another group from the community.
The organisers are looking for artists willing to work with groups, to produce something (art work, drama, poetry, stories, music…), ideally culminating in a presentation during the festival. When applying artists should propose a budget and an outline of the proposed workshop.

3. Artists who would like to exhibit their own work during the festival.
Please note: Exhibitions can be solo or group exhibitions. There is no artist fee. Commission of 10% charged on any work sold. The organisers will install the works.

4. Performance artists: Musicians, Playwrights, Comedians, Actors etc.
Performance artists should apply with a performance outline an stating their fee. There are at least two possible venues for performances and that can be discussed with the artists.

Please return all submissions, to Roxanne Leonard, 1, School Lane, Mountshannon, County Clare, or to: The more detail you can provide, the better, but a rough draft of your idea, will also suffice. The organisers will decide which projects to support next year, by 22nd December.

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Open Call | Mountshannon Arts Festival 2018