April 16, 2018

Open Call | INTIMACY Exhibition at Science Gallery Dublin

Deadline for applications: 9 May, 5pm

Science Gallery Dublin is seeking proposals for up to twenty works for INTIMACY, an exhibition that asks what human connection is made of. They are looking for works that explore the themes on intimacy in surprising and unusual ways. Provisional exhibition dates are October 2018 to February 2019.

What is INTIMACY and can it be quantified, optimised, or commodified? Does INTIMACY hide in surprising places, or in plain sight? And will technology compromise the future of human connection, or bring us all together in new and exciting ways? There has never been a more important time to examine the way we relate to each other, and ask whether our definition of INTIMACY needs a reboot.

INTIMACY will examine the science and art of connection between humans, bringing together neuroscience, art, behaviour, belief and trust.

The exhibition will find closeness in surprising places and probe how INTIMACY can emerge between friends or opponents, across time and cultures, or amongst networks and groups. With electronic communication ever more pervasive, INTIMACY will examine how all this interconnectedness may disrupt traditional notions of togetherness, opening new avenues for connection, or killing off intimacy altogether.

Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? What does it mean when bodies are β€˜in sync’? Does intimacy have a language? From FOMO to frenemies and oxytocin to online dating, we’ll find out what INTIMACY means in the 21st century.

Proposals may be new or existing works, and will be funded up to a maximum budget of €2000, which should include all artist fees, VAT, materials, equipment, shipping, travel etc.

For more information and to apply online:

Open Call | INTIMACY Exhibition at Science Gallery Dublin