March 26, 2018

Open Call | i Light Singapore Project, Singapore

Application deadline: 18 May

In 2019, “i Light Marina Bay” will be rebranded as “i Light Singapore” to reflect geographical expansions into the Civic District and Singapore River. At the same time, the festival will kick off on 28 January, in conjunction with the launch of the Singapore Bicentennial (SB) commemoration.

Strategically located at the Southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore is at the heart of the global trade route defined by the Maritime Silk Road bridging opportunity, people and culture. With time, the confluence of the region and the globe drove Singapore to be vulnerable but adaptive, diverse yet versatile. The essence of connection is no longer limited to its geographical borders but transformed and repositioned Singapore into a bustling logistics, financial and business-centric emporium.

Curatorial Theme
In commemoration of Singapore’s Bicentennial, the theme of this special edition of i Light Singapore, Bridges of Time, looks beyond the contacts in history to delve deeper into the topic of connectivity. The theme questions two forms of connectivity; the tangible – bridge – and the intangible – time, and their interactions. For instance, today’s Singapore can be seen as a result of tangible confluences transiting through time, whereas light can be interpreted as a visual form of intangible interactions.

Artists are invited to propose their interpretation of the theme as an installation at Singapore’s Marina Bay, Civic District and Singapore River.

The budget allocated for project can be of S$18,000. Airfare and freight can be covered (conditions apply).

For more information and application details:

Open Call | i Light Singapore Project, Singapore