September 5, 2017

Open Call for Participation in the FAXBOX PROJECT

Artist Noel Molloy invites everyone to participate in The FAXBOX PROJECT.

The event ARTS CABARET 15 will take place at JJ Harlow’s Bar, Roscommon from 6.00pm to 10.00pm. on Friday 22nd September 2017.

Noel asks you to create a drawing, collage , write a poem, prose or song, or whatever you wish to put on an A4 sheet of paper, black and white preferable. The work will be printed on the night and posted during the event. Later they will be added to the website

For those who wish to send work and are unable to send it on the night of the event they can do so at any time before the 22nd September 2017 and it will added to the event/ website.

Please write your name and address clearly on the top of the paper so your work can be acknowledged.

As faxes are no longer widely used you can send your A4 work to:

You can view previous ARTS CABARET and FAXBOX PROJECT work on

Open Call for Participation in the FAXBOX PROJECT