December 12, 2017

Open Call for Contributions to Mia Lukto, Art/Writing Project

Mia Lukto is an art/writing project co-ordinated by James Oberhelm. Mia Lukto is Esperanto for ‘My Struggle’. The book will be a compilation of writings by people who have applied to study art (at any stage of life – recently, or long ago), but whose application was not accepted.

You are invited to contribute a piece of writing with the title ‘my struggle’ that explores your experience of the paths and perspectives opened up by ‘rejection’. Anything goes – serious, playful, or other; it could be whimsical, or sarcastic – say today’s weekly shopping list for the family, or it could be the darkest of speculations from those gruelling sleepless nights. You can also make your contribution by interview.

All contributions are welcome. The material will be edited into a constellation of text, which is arranged on the page like stars in the sky, producing a conversation between all participants.

Contributors will be credited, or you can use a pseudonym, or remain anonymous if you wish.

The editor is happy to discuss the project further. Otherwise just send something through.

Contact details:
James Oberhelm
T: (UK) 07845118701

or by post:
Box 332, 111 W George St.,
Glasgow, G2 1QX, Scotland

Open Call for Contributions to Mia Lukto, Art/Writing Project