September 10, 2018

Open Call | Exhibition of Work from Artists with Autism

Artist Elaine Chapman is looking to organise an exhibition, running next year, for autistic artists in Ireland. The exhibition will run from the 2nd to the 5th of April in Dublin. The theme will be the Art of Being Autistic, with the aim being to represent the variety of people on the spectrum, and what they like or do not like about being autistic. Subjects covered can range from β€˜special interests’ like animals or trains, to mental health difficulties or the struggles of a meltdown.

There is no artist fee for the selected artists. The organiser aims to host an auction at the end of the event for artists that are interested in selling their items. A small commission (10 to 15%) will be taken to cover costs.

The artist is also hoping to use this event to create a network of autistic artists in Ireland.

For more information contact: before 1st December 2018.

Autistic Artists Network Ireland (AANI)

Open Call | Exhibition of Work from Artists with Autism