June 8, 2018

Open Call | Drone Dancing Exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden

Registration deadline: 13 June

Drone Dancing is a multi-format social art event exploring what it will mean to be human 29 years from now – in 2047. It takes place for the first time at Färgfabriken Stockholm, Sweden, Aug 24 to Sep 16, 2018. The exhibition series continues in The Netherlands, Scotland and Denmark in 2019.

To apply you must submit your proposal to the Drone Visions platform, the participatory realm of Drone Dancing. Here, you can post, explore, join and fund your Vision (project) for the “swarm exhibition” in Stockholm.

The swarm, i.e. all Drone Visions participants, decides who gets funding, and how much. Everyone who has registered as co-creator in the online community receives five virtual coins, which they can distribute to fund their favorite projects. Each coin is worth a certain amount in SEK, determined when the budget has been set

What can be funded?
Material costs, equipment rent, travel expenses and a fee for your time. Since it is up to the Swarm to decide whether to grant your funding, you may basically include any expense that is related to your Vision creation.

For more information see:

Open Call | Drone Dancing Exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden