July 17, 2018

Open Call | Catalyst Members Opportunity, Belfast

Application deadline: 19 July

Catalyst presents a new call out that focuses on the world of sound art. Whether your work is Drone, Noise, Ambient, Electroacoustic, Field Recording, Synthesis Exploration, or All/None-of-the-above. This is an opportunity to have your sounds presented and heard in new contexts and by new audiences.

Each successfully submitted work:
1) Will be programmed in an event (Aug 17th 7pm) that will take place in the Sonic Arts Research Centreโ€™s Sonic Laboratory. The submitter will choose to diffuse or simply play their work on the 48-Channel system that the Sonic Laboratory offers.
2) Will be archived digitally on free streaming services such as Bandcamp and Soundcloud as part of the โ€˜Catalyst Audio Tracksโ€™ series.
3) Will be stored on Catalyst USBs that will be given out at the programmed event and subsequent exhibitions in the gallery until all units are gone.

Terms and Conditions:
โ€“ The work must be no longer than 4 minutes
โ€“ The work must be sent in a stereo WAV file
โ€“ The submitter consents to a public performance free of charge of their work in the SARC concert and archiving of their audio on non-profit audio streaming services (e.g. Bandcamp, Soundcloud). The composer retains the copyright of his/her work and can request removal of such work.

Catalyst offer exclusive membership opportunities throughout the year. Join by donating to Catalyst on their website here:โ€ฆ/

Please Submit work to:

Open Call | Catalyst Members Opportunity, Belfast