November 26, 2018

Open Call | Artist for World Café Event, Dublin

Application deadline: Wednesday 5 December.

Seetec is a company with offices in the UK and Ireland ( They are seeking to hire an artist to help with a World Café piece.

Seetec have regular meetings in which many members of staff across the business get together and brainstorm on various current themes across the business. They are hoping to hire an artist for a one day event to ‘translate’ the themes and subjects that come up in the discussions and put them on to a large canvas or board in the World Café concept so that they end up with a large piece of art that will get conversations started, get people thinking and get staff motivated to ask more about how they can be involved etc. They would like the discussion points to be drawn up on a canvas ideally 4ft high by 8ft wide to go along one wall of a meeting room / break out space in one of our offices. Initially they would be looking to get a fixed piece done at a one day event in their offices in Dublin but in time if the piece is well received across the Group there may be the opportunity for further commissions.

There is no set date for this event as yet so they are flexible to when is mutually convenient between the business and an artist; realistically this will likely take place in February 2019 earliest.

The company would appreciate applications for this project with a guideline to artists costs for the day inclusive of all (canvas, materials etc), examples of previous similar work (websites or jpeg images) and an indication of availability.

For applications and should you have any queries, please contact Katie C Wood on

Open Call | Artist for World Café Event, Dublin