August 22, 2018

Open Call | Anxiety Exhibition at Science Gallery London

Application deadline: 26 August, 11.45pm IST.

In 2019 Science Gallery London will explore notions of anxiety in contemporary society โ€“ what causes anxiety, and how does it affect us?

Anxiety is characterised as experiencing fear of an anticipated or non-tangible threat. It can manifest as a feeling of unease, which can be accompanied by physical discomfort such as muscular tension, restlessness, or dizziness. Feeling anxious can be an appropriate emotional response, but if a feeling of anxiety is continuous or experienced regularly it can signal a mental health problem.

Anxiety felt before and during significant momentsโ€“ an exam, a speech, a performance, or a sports competition โ€“ provides us with adrenalin, enhancing our ability to perform. Conversely, philosopher Sรธren Kierkegaard famously said that โ€œanxiety is the dizziness of freedomโ€ โ€“ one can feel anxious due to an overwhelming amount of possibilities in decision-making. Reflecting on an uncertain future and a seemingly constant crisis in contemporary politics can also provoke feelings of anxiety.

This season will explore the phenomenon of anxiety in 21st century life, and what the future of anxiety and mental health looks like. We are interested in works that explore the concept of anxiety from perspectives including:

  • The emotional role of anxiety in society
  • Genetics, how some of us are more prone to anxiety
  • Anxiety-provoking issues in contemporary society
  • The influence of social factors, economics, class, and ethnicity on anxiety
  • Anxiety as a political tool
  • Creative drive and performance anxiety

Other approaches and all art forms are welcome. If you have further questions or queries please feel free to contact them.

If you are a scientist or researcher working in the field of anxiety who is interested in collaborating with Science Gallery London, please feel free to contact the Events and Research Coordinator.

Science Gallery London welcomes submissions for existing artworks, films, performances etc. as well as projects which are still at a research and development stage. Selected candidates will be granted an appropriate fee and production costs for the realisation of their project. Science Gallery London will cover all normal costs associated with exhibition making. Whenever possible, we would like for candidates to be present at the launch of the season in September 2019.

For more information and to apply visit:

Open Call | Anxiety Exhibition at Science Gallery London