January 9, 2018

Open Call | Altofest 2018, International Contemporary Live Arts, Italy

Application deadline: 20 January

Altofest 2018 will take place in different areas of Naples, the programme will run from 11:00 to midnight. The programme is built through performances, as well as public talks coordinated by the OCr (Critique Observatory) and by meetings with international experts, who are invited to participate in Texture (a platform of debate on cultural strategies and practices). Artists, citizens and cultural experts are all invited to take part in these moments of common discussion.

Artists will work for a total of 10 days (including the artistic residency and the opening of the works to the audience) from 29 June till 8 July 2018.

Artists will live and work in the assigned spaces. So, they will live with the Space Donor or with a citizen who joins the Accommodation Network. The assignment of each space will be decided by the artistic direction, that will match the artistic work, the space donor and the space, according to one and only dramaturgy tracing the path of Altofest as a total play.

The creative processes will be observed and analyzed by the OCr (Critique Observatory) as well as the Artistic Direction, and documented through photos and videos. The collected materials will constitute Altofest’s archive and may be used for researching and promotional purposes.

Altofest provides artists with:

  • €500 as lump sum for artistic residency. The amount is to be considered exclusively as a reimbursement of the expenses the Artist will face during the artistic residency, for the requalification process of the work. The payment has not to be considered or meant as a purchase of the work.
  • The payment will be made by the end of December 2018, via bank transfer, once received the receipt/invoice (under no circumstances the payment will be made cash);
    A daily meal voucher to be spent during one of the launches at Altofest’s “cucina sociale” (social kitchen). The voucher is valid only on 5-6-7-8 July 2018, at lunch time
  • Free accommodation in one of the private domestic spaces belonging to “space donor” citizen, as well a member of the Accommodation Network constituted by citizens, friends and supporters;
  • The care for the relations between artists and space donors and/or accommodation donors;
  • The care of all the possible connections among all the artists and the international cultural experts. For this reason, artists will be requested to send a synthetic dossier (including bio, statement, works in distribution). The materials will be collected and sent to the experts that will participate in Altofest;
  • The promotion of the work through internet, printed and press-related materials;
  • The promotion of the activities of the artists, through social media, by the #PEOPLEofALTOFEST hashtag; along the current year.
  • Altofest cares for linguistic accessibility. All the communication is bilingual (ITA-ENG).

For more information and to apply online:

Open Call | Altofest 2018, International Contemporary Live Arts, Italy