November 6, 2018

Multi Copper Plate Etching Weekend Course at Limerick Printmakers

LP continues its range of intaglio courses with an enjoyable and ambitious course aimed at both complete beginners and those with those who wish to build on their existing skills in etching.

The term intaglio refers to the range of printmaking methods where the image is created by drawing/etching lines/marks
into the surface of a plate. When ink is applied to the plate and then polished off,
the remaining ink stays in the lines drawn onto the surface and they form the printed image.
Materials used as printing plates include among others zinc, aluminium, acetate, and copper.

Etching on copper plates captures really fine line and detail and is perfect for those who would like to utilise their skills
in sketching and draughtsmanship and create new art work through printmaking.

The group will begin by working with small pieces of copper in order to become comfortable with the techniques
before learning to create a larger two-plate copper etching.
With full support from LP’s tutor Suzannah O’ Reilly, all participants will finish the course with multiple copies
of their own prints.

LP’s two-day course will include:

β€’ Prepping copper plates
β€’ Applying a ground
β€’ β€˜Drawing’ your images onto the plate
β€’ Etching with Acid
β€’ Printing your plates
β€’ Troubleshooting and common challenges
β€’ Studio health & safety/best practice

Suzannah O’ Reilly is an accomplished artist and printmaker who has exhibited broadly both nationally and internationally. She is highly experienced as a tutor and sits on the board of directors in Limerick Printmakers.

Dates: Sat/Sun 17th/18th November
Times: 10am – 5pm
Fee: 170 Euro with 15% discount available to students/seniors/those working less than 25 hrs per week
Location: Limerick Printmakers, Bridgeland House, 3 Johns Square, Limerick
Booking: Contact LP on +353 (0) 61 311806/email

Multi Copper Plate Etching Weekend Course at Limerick Printmakers