August 28, 2018

Mold-Making Workshop at The LAB, Dublin

Essential skills for anyone going into model-making and puppet building as well as other disciplines such as ceramics or candle making and anything that requires multiples of the same thing.

Mold-making is an art form in itself and can get complicated very quickly depending on the size and shape of your sculpt as well as the materials you choose to use, however it’s best to start with the basics and this workshop offers the basics of mold-making which is a great gateway into mold-making as well as a great workshop on how to create something that is function that will serve you well throughout your artistic career.

This is a one day (messy) course where you will learn how to create a successful 2-part mold as well as learning about different materials and the pitfalls we encounter when learning that can be avoided through learning from someone who has experience in a small class where you will receive a lot of one to one tuition.

Dates: 03.11.2018
Times: 10-5
Fee: €100
Location: The LAB Gallery, 1 Foley St, Dublin 1

Mold-Making Workshop at The LAB, Dublin