January 29, 2019

Meditation in Ink with Renata Pekowska at Butler Gallery, Kilkenny

The workshop aims to introduce the participants to monochrome ink drawing/painting techniques, partly based on the Japanese sumi-e painting.

The workshop will cover a variety of effects and range of techniques of using undiluted and washed-down ink and brushes as well as other tools. The workshop will be an exercise in gesture drawing and composition but also in restraint and concentration. Without colour, we develop an increased awareness of form, line and space. The focus will be placed on the quality of line, and perception and the ‘essence’ of the subject.

Sumi-e was traditionally a form of meditation, a harmony of both physical and intellectual effort and emotional response. The workshop will aim to convey this spirit and switch from outcome-oriented activity to process oriented state of ‘transferring everything we are into our drawing’.

The skills learned at the workshop can be further individually developed by the participants, or can be applied to other techniques and media.

Renata Izabela Pękowska is a visual artist, designer-maker and art and design educator based in Dublin. She studied architecture in Krakow Polytechnic and graduated with the degree in craft design from the NCAD in Dublin in 2008. She has specialised for a decade in light as a medium, staging light and shadow visuals, and creating light objects. She has a background in architecture, craft design and sculpture. She has received support for her practice from the Arts Council of Ireland, Project Arts Centre, Royal Hibernian Academy and Design and Crafts Council of Ireland.

Dates: 16th February 2019
Times: 10:00 – 13:00
Fee: €45
Location: Butler Gallery, Kilkenny Castle

Meditation in Ink with Renata Pekowska at Butler Gallery, Kilkenny