September 29, 2017

Lime Fresco Masterclass with John Kindness at the RHA

John Kindness first used this medium in New York in 1989 when he was working on a series of bogus antiquities. John Kindness has noted that β€œthe technique seemed to give objects an instant authority, as if they spoke from another era. Lime plaster is very old technology, but the chemistry is still fascinating. You have to work on wet lime with pigments simply ground in water and the properties of the lime do the rest. As the plaster hardens, the surface crystallizes around the pigment particles and locks them into the surface of the wall or panel. You would need a microscope to see this happening but the result is a work where the colour is part of the surface, not just a coating.”

Kindness’ recent work has been on sculptural pieces and the participants of the masterclass will be working mostly with 2-d panels.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Mix lime plaster using both wet lime putty and hydrated lime.
  • Prepare a fast-track surface for painting without going into all the layers of a Renaissance wall.
  • Choose time-sensitive brush and application techniques (fresh plaster must be worked on the day it is laid).
  • Adapt regular working methods to get the best from the medium.

Date: 11 November
Masterclass fee: €200
Application deadline: 20 October
Artists interested in participating in this course should apply by completing the online application form:Β

Lime Fresco Masterclass with John Kindness at the RHA