April 1, 2018

Lica B Browne’s Meditation Workout at NGI

Artist/Art Lover you know about the benefits of meditation. Relaxing your body, slowing your mind to open all the doors and windows for new, exciting creative ideas to gust in! Or maybe your mind is all over the place and you are wondering can it be stopped? Was March a hell of a month for you; paintings to finish, art council deadlines to meet, submissions closing soon, now your adamant, in April you are making time to relax.

Today is an excellent day for a new adventure and you are at the right time and place to dive right into (beginner or experienced):

Lica B Browne’s Meditation Workout
1) No hiding behind closed doors.
2) Meditation group games and art therapy.
3) Smack bang in the middle of life’s hustle and bustle (2 hours in a pub, a library, a gallery, you get the idea).
4) No practice mysteries. We meditate, discuss, meditate and on we go.

Workout 1: Sunday 8th April 18 National Gallery of Ireland 11:30 – 1:30pm.
Workout 2: Sunday 22nd April 18 National Botanic Gardens 11 – 1pm.
Location: National Gallery of Ireland
Fee: €15

Lica B Browne’s Meditation Workout at NGI