May 22, 2018

June’s One day Photography Studio Lighting Workshop

On this one-day workshop, you will learn how to work effectively with studio lighting and will gain some experience shooting portraits in the studio.

This course is focused on portrait lighting techniques in the studio, for those who wish to start in the world of Studio Photography.

Topics covered

– Operation of studio lights and setting up your camera to work with them
– Using a light meter to calculate exposures
– Light modifiers and accessories ( Octobox, softbox, beauty dish and reflector)
– Creating or reducing shadow with reflectors and Flags
– Working with white and grey backgrounds
– Lighting the background
– Lighting set ups with one, two, three and four lights
– Main, fill, butterfly, clamshell lighting
– High key and low key lighting set ups
– Flagging light
– Separating the subject from the background with rim lighting
– Using gels to create colour

This course takes place in a photography studio on Capel St. D1 Dublin, ideal for portraits, equipped with all the studio lights, modifiers, and backgrounds needed for this practice.
The goal for the course its to give you the basic knowledge and the practice on how a photography studio works, to give you the confidence to rent and work in the studio environment by yourself.
Attendees limited to 7.

(The only requirement for the attendees is a DSLR camera that you are able to used in manual mode).

Dates: Saturday 9th of June
Times: 10.30 am to 5pm (with 1 hour lunch break)
Fee: €150 (10% off for early bookings until 30th of May)
Location: 65 Capel st. D2 Dublin

June’s One day Photography Studio Lighting Workshop