September 19, 2017

Job Vacancy | Studio Manger at Galway Print Studio (Maternity Cover)

Deadline: 9 October, 5pm

Galway Print Studio are currently seeking to fill the position of part-time Studio Manager (Maternity cover)

Duties and responsibilities of Studio Manager include:

1.Managing the business of the Galway Print Studio, reporting directly to the Chairman and members of the GPS Board, through regular updates and meetings.
2.Responsible for day to day financial management of the organisation (book keeping, banking etc); maintaining up to date accounts; compliance with tax, legal and insurance requirements.
3.Maintaining relationships with the Funding Agencies relevant to GPS’s activities.
4.Responsible for completing, and meeting deadlines, of all funding applications relating to GPS, in conjunction with the Chairman and Board.
5.Developing new projects and initiatives for Galway Print Studio in conjunction with the Board.
6.Responsible for operational management issues in the Print Studio.
7.Scheduling of GPS’s events; workshops, talks, exhibitions
8.Liaison with the membership of the Print Studio and efficient management of Studio bookings.
9.Creating and recognising opportunities to promote GPS;
maintaining Twitter, Facebook and website; issuing of press releases; invites; brochures etc when required to promote GPS activities and events.

Part time hours: 10 hours per week
Please apply with a CV (including 2referees) and cover letter by 5pm Oct 9th to

Interviews: 20th October 2017(notice given by 16th October)
Start Date:20th November 2017 (Training to be held in October)

Job Vacancy | Studio Manger at Galway Print Studio (Maternity Cover)