June 12, 2018

Job Vacancy | Editor-in-Chief of Eurozine, Vienna

Eurozine is the network of Europeโ€™s leading cultural journals, facilitating the exchange of texts, ideas and knowledge between 84 publications from 33 countries. In its online magazine? Eurozine publishes original articles and translations from partner journals and other sources for an international readership.

Eurozine is currently seeking an Editor-in-chief to join its team in Vienna. The Editor-in-chief will be responsible for all content published by Eurozine on its website and in social media and will oversee Eurozineโ€™s editorial staff. Together with the international Editorial Board she/he will set an editorial strategy and be responsible for its implementation. The nature of Eurozine as a network and cultural publication in its own right requires a strategy that allows for representation of different perspectives coming from the network partners, their contextualization in current European/international debates and the setting of specific focal points.

Together with the Managing Director, the Editor-in-chief will actively represent Eurozine externally to the public and cooperation partners, and internally to the network partners; she/he will also contribute to fundraising. She/he will conceptualize the annual network conference and other events organized by Eurozine.

The organization is seeking a team-player with extensive journalistic/editorial experience, who shares and develops Eurozineโ€™s vision and mission, strives to strengthen the network of cultural journals, shapes the profile of the online magazine, is well-connected and excels as a communicator.

There is no deadline for applications. The position will become available as of 1 July 2018. Apply as soon as possible.

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Job Vacancy | Editor-in-Chief of Eurozine, Vienna