November 13, 2017

Job Vacancy | Assistant Manager (Programmes) at National Gallery Singapore

Application deadline: 4 December

National Gallery Singapore is a visual arts institution which oversees the largest public collection of modern art in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Situated in the heart of the Civic District, the Gallery is housed in two national monuments—City Hall and former Supreme Court—that have been beautifully restored and transformed into this exciting venue.

In this full-time role, working under the direction of the Assistant Director (Programmes), the candidate will be responsible for developing programmes that enable the National Gallery Singapore’s to reach a broad-based audience, with a focus on families, youth and non-traditional museum going audiences.

The candidate will be part of a team that develops, implements and oversees the Gallery’s programmes, community events and festivals in collaboration identified within the Gallery’s partnership network.

The candidate will be part of the dynamic Programmes team under the Audience Development and Engagement division, to develop strategies and grow community partnerships to help increase public familiarity with the Gallery’s identity, mission, and services, with the goal of bringing the non-traditional museum going audiences into the Gallery.

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Job Vacancy | Assistant Manager (Programmes) at National Gallery Singapore