August 29, 2017

Introduction to Art History Course at St John’s Central College, Cork

A very dynamic and highly enjoyable introduction to major artists & movements from Antiquity to Modern Art. This very exciting course is an Introduction to Art History open to students of all levels and backgrounds. Key movements, major artists and their techniques will be introduced in a fresh and dynamic way, through texts from notorious art critics and high quality projected images. Besides rediscovering famous work of arts in a new light, learning their actual context, students will also discover female artists from each period, as well as other less recognised art movements happening simultaneously in the rest of the world.

Session 1- Introduction to the formation of Western Art, Classical Antiquity
Session 2- Medieval Art, Renaissance
Session 3- Renaissance II, Legacy and influence
Session 4- The Art of Northern Europe
Session 5 – Genre painting of the Dutch Golden Age and the Baroque
Session 6 – 18th century to 19th century, Romanticism
Session 7 – Mannerism – Rococo – Neoclassicism – Romanticism – The Academy
Session 8 – Impressionism, Post- Impressionism
Session 9 – Post-Impressionism Part II
Session 10- Modernism, Expressionism, Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, Symbolism, Conclusion

Dates: Thursdays 05/10/2017 to 07/12/2017
Times: 20.00-21.30
Fee: €95
Location: St John’s Central College of Further Education and Training, Sawmill Street, Cork, Ireland

Introduction to Art History Course at St John’s Central College, Cork