November 8, 2017

Helium Arts Seeking Arts Volunteers

Closing date: 24 November

Helium Arts is Ireland’s children’s arts and health organisation. Since 2009, they have supported 2,540 children, teens and their families to let their creativity shine in 11 counties across Ireland. Their award-winning creative projects and partnerships provide much-needed distraction and relief from the loneliness and sadness caused by life-long illness.

In 2017, Helium Arts connected 486 kids and teens living with illness with professional artists to inspire them for life. This year, the Christmas campaign aims to raise much-needed funds to ensure that Helium Arts can connect many more sick children with artists in four regions across Ireland in 2018. Helium Arts are looking for arts volunteers and ambassadors to join us at a market stall for the Dublin Christmas flea market.

Arts volunteers
Do you have a creative flare and passion for working with children? As an arts volunteer, you will facilitate children to take part in a creative arts-based activity, using paint, glue, glitter, feathers, pencils and many more treasures to transform into a Festive Forest Fawn. You will encourage children to let their creativity free and allow them to explore their own sense of self through creative expression.

Key dates:
14th – 17th December
All volunteers will be asked to volunteer for one full day (8 hours) or two half days (4 hours each)
All volunteers will be given full induction into their roles and will be supported by members of the Helium Arts team and long-term volunteers.
If you are interested, please email indicating which role you are interested in and why you would like to get involved.

Helium Arts Seeking Arts Volunteers