April 24, 2018

Funding | Digital Transformations Bursary

Application deadline: Friday 1 June, 5pm

This bursary provides a significant opportunity for artists of any discipline (visual, performing, musical, literature) to deliver a project responding to the emerging digital society. The bursary will be open to individuals and groups in Ireland and abroad and the bursary will be formally launched at the Digital Transformations conference in Ballina Mayo on 19 May.

This bursary supports artists who want to explore the digital society in their work, and put that response centre stage in the debates happening today about what kind of society is emerging via digital technologies. Enriching human contact and the human voice is essential for this transformation to be beneficial and how artists see this transformation needs to be heard not just on the street, but in classrooms and boardrooms as well. The digital society is throwing arts, policy, education, culture and business together in ways that only the arts can really fathom.

The Award
Value: €10,000
Studio and/or rehearsal space at the Ballina Arts Centre, Ballina, Mayo
Single accommodation for a portion of the bursary.

The bursary is open to individual artists or groups working in Visual or Performing Arts, Media Practice or Literature

The recipientΒ  will be required to consider the themes of the digital transformations conference in developing their work: Digital Human, Networked Personality, Art for What’s Sake, and Manifesto.

The recipient will be required to provide some educational engagement and workshops at the centre, as well as support promotional activities around the bursary.

The recipient will be required to share their work at the next Digital Transformations conference.

For more information see:

Funding | Digital Transformations Bursary