March 12, 2019

Fault Lines: An Afternoon Symposium at Void Gallery, Derry

Saturday 23 March, 2-5pm.

The idea of the border has become a key cultural preoccupation of our times. In Europe and in the US, specific complex geopolitical borders are charged ideological devices, instrumentalised by right-wing commentators and politicians, and reduced in the process to simplified emblems. Anxieties about sovereignty, nationalism, cultural identity, and overpopulation, gravitate around these agitated symbolic fault lines. As new conflict zones proliferate internationally, and patterns of forced migration concentrate, the issue of the border becomes part of a broader crisis: a crisis of cohabitation. This is a crisis of which Ireland – with its own long-troubled border – has a particular vantage point.

This event, a collaboration between Void Gallery, Derry, and Paper Visual Art Journal, will bring together writers, artists, and researchers whose work investigates the uses, impacts, and cultural repercussions of borders in everyday life. The contested border in Ireland will serve as one major starting point for a discussion with deep pre-historical as well as wide global parameters, exploring how borders divide and how they connect.

This afternoon of presentations and talks is free and open to all, and booking is advised. The symposium will be followed by the launch of the latest issue of Paper Visual Art Journal in the gallery from 5pm.

Contributors: Darran Anderson, Gareth Doherty, Willie Doherty, Siobhan McDonald.
Panel Chaired by: Mary Cremin.

This event is kindly funded by the Arts Council of Ireland.…opened-ground.php

Fault Lines: An Afternoon Symposium at Void Gallery, Derry