Studio Workshops & Events 2018

Array Studios

Saturday 20 Oct 5.30pm

Members of Array Studios members will be organising a performative event in the surrounding area of the studios, which will be taking shape in an ironic irreverent parade through Castle Street. Participants are welcome to join the march or just attend as viewers.

Saturday 20 Oct, 6pm to 9pm

Array Studios will be open again for drinks reception, music, discussions, projections and craic.

Norwich Union House

Studio Spotlights

  • Gerard Carson – 1pm, 2nd Floor
  • Amy Higgins – 1.30pm, 2nd Floor


  • Katherine Penney – 3.30pm, 3rd Floor

QSS Bedford Street

Studio Spotlights

  • Clement McAleer – 12.30pm, 1st Floor
  • Alacoque Davey – 2.30pm, 1st Floor
  • Grace McMurray – 4pm, 3rd Floor