November 6, 2018

Evening Silkscreen for Scratch Course at Limerick Printmakers

Silkscreen printmaking is LP’s most consistently popular course method while also being one of the most recognizable forms of printmaking there is. The method produces really clean, punchy images with a strong graphic quality that appeals to those who enjoy graphic design, typography, photography, printmaking and design.
With silkscreen, details stay crisp and sharp while colour pops off the page.

Silkscreen lends itself to high volume production and layered multiple colour images, hence its use creating posters, flyers, signage, and striking layered colour prints of photographs. It’s a hugely versatile form of art.

In brief, the process itself involves transferring an image to a mesh screen. The treated image blocks out the negative space so that when ink is firmly pressed through the screen using a squeegee, only the desired areas are printed.

LP’s 6 week course will guide you through the entire process under the guidance of LP’s silkscreen tutor Derek O’ Sullivan. Weekly classes allow students to develop their work as they learn, and to make multiple prints throughout the course.
Each participant will engage with every step in the process multiple times, ensuring a greater retention of knowledge.

This course includes:

β€’ Image selection and preparation/colour separation using software
β€’ Screen: Mesh sizes, screen selection and care
β€’ Process of transferring images to screen using photo sensitive emulsion and exposure unit
β€’ Printing: Registration of image, ink & paper selection, creating multiple colour prints
β€’ Studio h+s/best practice

Derek O’ Sullivan is an artist, printmaker, and tutor. He has taught silkscreen with LP for many years.

Dates: Tues 13th Nov – Tues 18th Dec
Times: 7pm – 9pm each week
Fee: €170, 15% discount available for students/seniors/ those working less than 30 hrs a week
Location: Limerick Printmakers, Bridgeland House, 3 Johns Square, Limerick
Booking: Contact LP on +353 (0) 61 311806/email

Evening Silkscreen for Scratch Course at Limerick Printmakers