October 5, 2018

Emma Hirsk and Hiroko Matshushita at Gwyn's Cafe and Pavilion, Derry

06/10/2018 – 03/11/2018 – All Day
Gwyn’s Cafe and Pavilion, Brooke Park, Derry
Temporary Sculptural Installation in Brooke Park. Emma Hirsk has designed and built a site-specific, sculptural work in metal that explores the correlation between art and environment; identity and geography; physiological experience and imaginative potential. Speaking to the park and its occupants across time, and with Gwyn’s Institute (Orphanage) as a backdrop, the work whispers notions of the maternal, of protection and vulnerability, and the recognition of all childhoods. Eat me, Choose me 6 Oct – 3 Nov Hiroko Matshushita speaks out. Sometimes we don’t even see what in right in front of us, or maybe we pretend not to. The…
Emma Hirsk and Hiroko Matshushita at Gwyn’s Cafe and Pavilion, Derry