January 18, 2018

Discussion Event: Culture Action Europe in Dublin

What has Europe ever done for me and what can it do for me in the future?

An informal discussion with Culture Action Europe in Dublin

Thursday, 25th January 12:30pm – 2pm

The EU can sometimes feel like a distant place that we read about in the newspapers or wonder about in the context of agricultural and fisheries policies.  But, it is in fact impacting on our daily lives within the cultural sector. Visual Artists Ireland has been active within the Culture Action Europe network for several years and we are now delighted to welcome Rosa Pérez Monclús, Senior Policy Officer, and Natalie Giorgadze, Communications & Community Director, from Culture Action Europe to a discussion event that will allow for a greater understanding of some of the current directions, discussions, and consultations being undertaken in the EU with regards the Cultural sector.

Places are limited so we recommend booking now… Both Rosa and Natalie have indicated how they look forward to a fruitful discussion that will assist them as they represent the cultural sector in all of its forms to the legislators and policy makers of the EU.

This is a Free Event and the first event in VAI’s 2018 Advocacy Programme. The event is also open to non-visual arts cultural forms, including Heritage.


Culture Action Europe (CAE) is a European network of cultural organisations and individuals dedicated to promote culture as a necessary condition for sustainable development both at local and European scale.

As the major cultural network in Europe, we are the political voice of over 80 thousand cultural players, practitioners and activists across the continent.

Representing voices from very diverse artistic and cultural domains, we aim at promoting exchange between these stakeholders, leading to the development of grass-roots engagement, advocating the needs of the cultural sector, and developing a mutually beneficial dialogue between the European cultural and political field in order to encourage the democratic development of the European Union.

CAE believes that culture is a pillar for sustainable societies, its enjoyment is a fundamental human right, and a fully democratic European Union is essentially a cultural project.



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Discussion Event: Culture Action Europe in Dublin