November 8, 2017

Digital Studies Seminar Series | Studio 6 Open at TBG+S

21 November, 5 and 19 December

Digital Studies is a seminar series that meets every two weeks with a view to discussing a text circulated in advance of the meeting. The seminar is affiliated with the Digital Studies Network inaugurated by the Institute for Research and Innovation, at the Pompidou Centre (Paris), with the aim of building an international forum for cultural critique and debate around all things digital.

Digital Studies concerns research and discussion about the new pressures brought to bear, without exception, on all sectors of knowledge and professional practice, as a result of the proliferation and penetration of digital technologies.

The goals of the seminar are:
ยท To promote interdisciplinary discussions in relation to digital technologies. Digital Studies is conceived to encompass the impact of digital technologies on the construction of knowledge in both techno-scientific and artsโ€“humanities domains.
ยท To explore the implications of digital techniques on academic and professional practice, and to conceive new modes of conversing, interacting, teaching, researching, working and expressing by repurposing and reinventing digital technologies.
ยท To establish an international, bilingual and interdisciplinary publication with regular outputs relating to findings discussed in the seminars.

The outputs of the seminar series are regular publications and practice-based exhibitions.

Digital Studies is hosted by Temple Bar Gallery + Studios as part of the Studio 6 Open programme.

Digital Studies Seminar Series | Studio 6 Open at TBG+S