September 8, 2017

Dancing on Borrowed Ground | Group Exhibition at Catalyst Arts

19 August to 16 September

Chloe Cooper, Dylan Miner, Contrapoints, Elizabeth Haines, William Raban

Dancing on Borrowed Ground reclaims a little bit of land for those who seek to resist the dogma and dictats of hegemonic orders. It asserts a love of plurality and disavowal of the hubristic cruelty of normative non-think, seeking freedom in solidarity and respect. The exhibition celebrates a bridging of the theoretical divide between self-creation and communal harmony by producing a site for radical discourse and contemplation. Artists Chloe Cooper, Dylan Miner, Contrapoints, William Raban and Elizabeth Haines undermine authority and agitate for alternative becomings. Their work – performative, documentary, academic and activist – illuminating contemporary political practice and rendering the world anew by fostering unity through dialogue and spurring on transformation through positive action. Catalyst Arts will also host the 10th Belfast Anarchist Bookfair, organised by the Just Books Solidarity Centre, encouraging visitors to cast off the pernicious shackles of repressive regimes by liberating their critical consciousness in this celebratory gathering of activists.

Belfast Anarchist Bookfair 9 September.

Catalyst Arts, 5 College Court, Belfast BT1 6BS

Dancing on Borrowed Ground | Group Exhibition at Catalyst Arts