January 30, 2018

Daily Path Of Memory | Maria Bagnoli at Alley Arts Centre, Strabane

5 February to 2 March 2018

This is a self led project based on childhood memories in which pre digital images are used. The challenge was to externalise visually those memories which held the most significance for the artist. The search for these images took the artist back to particular reference points, granny’s house, the home dining room, herself in the garden. Sounds and videos also play an important role in this exhibition.

The use of photostencils was chosen as a syuitable medium for the project, with its ephemeral quality. Paper negatives are used, a process used by early photographers when glass plates were not available, The paper negative stencils give a subtle quality. The transparencies are pieces in themselves, as are collages and drawings.

Texts from TS Eliot “Four Quartets” and from Alain Fournier form part of “Quiet Affirmations”, a pivitol point in the journey of searching for the memories, as if the artist has establ;ished validation in the memories and in the project. The project can best be captured from a quote by Alain Fournier, the artists favorite author :”I am spaeking of a lost time, of a vanished happiness”.

The project was supported by a professional development award from Cavan Arts Office. Thanks too to Stephen Rennicks and Sarah Lundy, and to the print room at Leitrim Sculpture Centre.

The Alley Theatre and Conference Centre
Railway St, Strabane BT82 1EE, UK
T: +44 28 7138 4444

Daily Path Of Memory | Maria Bagnoli at Alley Arts Centre, Strabane