August 25, 2018

Controchasm: Circling the Vernacular | Gail Mahon at St Augustine's Old Schoolhouse, Derry

25/08/2018 – 01/09/2018 – 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
St Augustine’s Old Schoolhouse, Palace Street, Derry
Exhibition Opening: Saturday 25th August 6:30-8:00pm. A liminal space for extended interactions and readings in stillness, slow and suspended movements. Adapting to the environment as a site of its monastic history, the works will build from an intensification of ritualistic discipline and tensions that confine the primal and glitches of digital pluralistic identities made of emerging posthuman speculations. The vernacular materiality of architecture, a ‘body’ of domestic and functional structure; surfaces, sounds, atmospheric conditions that have affect upon somatic responses in constant recalibration. Collecting evidences and materials accumulating from ephemera to the found, to build a ‘body’ of experiments in…
Controchasm: Circling the Vernacular | Gail Mahon at St Augustine’s Old Schoolhouse, Derry